Coconut Palms, Thatching, Baskets, Weaving, Pottery, Grinding Millets, Rice, Coconut Rope Making, Coconut Palm Climbing, Local Cuisine Cooking, Zanzibar Aroma and Incense, Construction of Local muddy Homes, Bread Making, Spices, Banana Plantations, Seasonal Fruits, Local Koranic Schools, etc.
This cruise will excite you as you’ll get a good glimpse of wonderful scenes of the Indian Ocean along the along the Stone Town shoreline. We will make your evening memorable, soothing you with light sea breeze while our good staff will spoil you with varieties of aperitifs; experienced Swahili singers will entertain you with their traditional live music. Sparkling wine, cold local beer, fresh juices and cocktails will be served, to cheer your delicate palate you’ll enjoy a tasting of Italian cheese with homemade jam, prawns, fried calamari, crispy cassava and other delicacies of Swahili cuisine.
5.00 pm to sunset
  • Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes for walking over coral.
  • Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables.
  • Sunscreen and Hat.

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